Free Online Instagram Private Post Downloader

Instagram Private video downloader saves videos and Instagram reels in Private Pages in high quality for 100% free.

Introducing our brand-new exclusive feature: the Instagram Private Downloader! This tool allows you to access and save Instagram posts secretly, without the account owner's knowledge. The best part of it is that this can be done anonymously which eliminates any hassles.

With our Instagram Private Story Downloader, downloading content from private pages is made easier than on other platforms where you often need to log in to your account. You may easily read and download information from both private and public pages without logging in. Yes, even accounts that you might have been blocked from! Take advantage of an effortless and intuitive method to explore Instagram stories without any restrictions.

Instagram Private Video Downloader

Using our services, you will be able to download private Instagram posts and videos from any account you want on Instagram. Instagram private video downloader is a completely free service that allows our users to download Instagram videos from both public and private accounts anonymously. i.e., no one will know that you have used this website to download their video. As well as all these good features, it is very safe and it will not keep an account of your download history; so, you do not have to worry about this either!

It is very simple to use our Instagram private downloader to download private Instagram videos; it is just like using any other service for downloading other content. You will have to enter the link of the video and follow the steps mentioned in the following. Then, your video will be saved in no time.

Instagram Private Photo Downloader

Another feature recently developed by Hidownloader is its "Instagram Private Photo Downloader". This feature allows users to easily download photos from both private and public accounts without any restrictions or limitations. It is entirely safe and free to use.

One of the biggest advantages of this feature is the limitless number of times you can download photos. You can download as many photos and albums as you like, and you can do this from different accounts.

Downloading Instagram photos using this feature is very easy. The process is the same as the one you had to do in "Instagram private video downloader". Just copy the link and paste it into the download box.

How to Download Private Instagram Videos and Photos Online?

Downloading private Instagram content such as videos, photos, and stories is very simple with our private Instagram video downloader. Simply follow the steps below:

If you have access to the post do as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app and find the post you want
  • Click on the three dots on the top right of the post
  • Copy the post's link
  • Go to Hidownloader and paste it into the download box

After you finish pasting the link into the download box, a link will appear on a box under that. Now do the following:

  • Click on the "OPEN TAB"
  • A new page will open up with codes
  • Select all and copy them
  • Paste the code in the "source box"
  • Now click the search button

With this straightforward method, you can easily use "Instagram private downloader" to download any private content on Instagram.

Save the Private Downloader as an App on Your iPhone or Android

To easily access our Instagram private downloader, save the page as an app on your phone. This saves you the time and effort to open your internet browser and search for our website. No matter if you are an Android user or an iPhone user. If you are using Android, search for the Instagram private downloader in Chrome. Then tap on three dots and choose "Add to Home screen". iPhone users can find it in Safari; click the share icon at the bottom of the page, click on the "Add to Home screen" option, and then choose a name.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines

Our free Instagram Private Downloader enable users to easily download private content for your personal use. However, users of this tool must be aware of the legal and ethical guidelines to ensure safe and responsible use of our services. Users ought to respect others privacy as well as the copyright and intellectual property right, and avoid unauthorized downloading. Furthermore, users should only download contents from private accounts that they have legitimate access. By using our online tool responsibly and having the Instagram terms of service in mind; you can enjoy using our tools while respecting legal and ethical standards.

Also, it is very important that users prioritize privacy consideration when using our Instagram private downloader. Any information you download using our field should be handled with cate and keep them confidential. Avoid sharing sensitive and private content with other as this can invade individual's privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Private Instagram Stories?

We offer a unique and free service that can help you access and download any story, whether from private or public accounts. If you wish to download private Instagram stories, one of the following ways can help you:

  • If you can access the Instagram story, copy the link and paste it into the download box.

Is Instagram Private Instagram Video Downloader Available on iPhone?

Yes, absolutely. Our Instagram private download service is compatible with all devices; so, you can use it to download private Instagram stories with your iPhone. Copy the URL and choose the private story you want.

How to Download Instagram Private Photos and Videos on Android?

Instagram private download service is available on any phone. If you want to download private Instagram stories using your Android device, open a browser such as Chrome, then copy the link and paste it. And your private content will be downloaded.

Do I Have to Pay to Use Private Instagram Video Downloader?

Absolutely not. We proudly state that all the services on this website including Instagram private downloader are completely free and you don't t have to pay anything. Also, you do not have to get a premium account to use the website and you can download as much private content as you desire.

Where Are Instagram Videos and Photos Saved After Downloading?

Based on the device you use; the downloaded files' destination may vary. The downloaded files can be located in your gallery or download folder.